Low Back Pain and Sacro-iliac Joint Pain

What if your low back pain was caused by a problem that is not understood by almost all physical therapists, medical doctors and chiropractors? What if all the exercises being prescribed, the "herniated disc" surgeries being performed, the steroid injections and the chiropractic manipulations are not targeting the actual problem? If so, we wouldn't need Obamacare to "save" us from our current healthcare system. The United States of America would save billions of healthcare dollars!

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Could it possibly be true? A retired physical therapist from Montana, Richard Dontigny says, "Yes!" And he says it's not that difficult to fix. What's the secret? SYMMETRY! Symmetry of the pelvic girdle and the lumbar spine. What Dontigny did was figure out the best way to correct the alignment of your spine and pelvic girdle (subsequently, it also aligns your leg lengths).

Dr. Knudsen can perform a quick assessment to see if you have the problem which Dontigny found to be a partial dislocation of the sacro-iliac joints. Over the last few years of using the Dontigny method, Dr. Knudsen has helped many people with the problem. The results are quite dramatic in many instances.

The time it takes to correct the problem depends on the individual being treated.

We will also show you how to perform self-correction exercises to make sure your pelvic girdle stays symmetrical and your leg lengths continue to be equal. This seems to be key to lowering your pain levels and avoiding back surgery. Why does back surgery fail? It is likely because the S.I. joint is actually causing much of the pain sensitivity. One surgeon found that correcting lumbo-pelvic symmetry made it possible to avoid lumbar surgery inn 99.8% of his back pain patients!

Shaw did a study of 1000 consecutive cases of idiopathic low back pain. Using objective changes in leg length and changes in the pelvis from asymmetry to symmetry as guides he found that sacro-iliac joint dysfunction contributed to lower back pain in 98% of the patients in the study. His surgical incidence for herniated disk dropped to 0.2%. (Reported in First World Congress on Low Back Pain and the Sacroiliac Joint 1992)

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