Foot Pain

It is critical that you seek out treatment after a stress fracture. There is always going to be micro-scarring of the soft tissue adjacent to the injury. Sometimes the bone may heal up perfectly fine... but the pain sensitivity is being amplified by the myofacial component and in turn the circulation component.

I recently treated a college athlete and noticed that the "dorsal interosseus" muscles had healed with micro-scarring. This was appearant because the soft tissues were extremely pain sensitive when manipulated with my Gau Sha instrument.

After three treatments the patient said:

"When you use your tool to scrap my scarred up muscle between my metacarpal bones I am not feeling the pain sensitivity as much anymore. Treatment during the first couple visits made me "cringe" but now my foot pain has decreased. I am hoping to start running (instead of just walking) on the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill when my doctor says I can take this boot off!"

AlterG for foot pain

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