Dr. Knudsen is an Expert at Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Your Pain

Our specialty is persistent pain. Dr. Knudsen is an expert at uncovering the hidden causes of your pain that others may have missed. Our goal is to solve your pain puzzle and get you back to life. We specialize in treating chronic pain conditions that have not improved with other traditional or non-conventional treatments.

Here's a little known SECRET to lasting relief: We must NEUTRALIZE your PAIN SENSITIVITY before the cycle of suffering can begin to heal! What is pain sensitivity?  

We normally experience "pain" with tissue damage or when there is potential for bodily harm.  Pain is good because it motivates us to avoid further damage.  Pain sensitivity is bad because when we experience pain we do not know if damage is occuring.  It motivates us toward in-activity when this is rarely a healthy choice. Pain sensitivity is caused by pain amplifiers...  When the four components listed in the image below are unhealthy they amplify your pain sensitivity.  A problem in one component leads to a problem another, and all together these "multipliers" produce a viscious cycle of persistent pain.

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