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Saturdayday, September 22, 2012


Muscle IQ is a comprehensive system of analysis that unlocks the potential of Physical Therapy. It is very important to understand most pain is not identifiable on an x-ray or MRI images. It is identified by sensing what is happening in the muscles... and the bones... and the circulation... and the nerves (a holistic approach). If one of these four components is unhealthy your pain will be amplified.

It is very valuable to have a practitioner who uses a hands-on approach to identify the SOURCE... but also to correct it with very specific techniques. Dr. Knudsen is an expert at uncovering the hidden causes of your pain that others may have missed. Our goal is to solve your pain puzzle and get you back to life.

Our specialty is persistent pain. Dr. Knudsen is an expert (with over 14 years of experience) at uncovering the hidden causes of your pain that others may have missed. Our goal is to solve your pain puzzle and get you back to life. We specialize in treating chronic pain conditions that have not improved with other traditional or non-conventional treatments.

Here's a little known SECRET to lasting relief:

    before the cycle of suffering can begin to heal!

What is pain sensitivity?  We normally experience "pain" with tissue damage or when there is potential for bodily harm.  Pain is good because it motivates us to avoid further damage.  Pain sensitivity is bad because when we experience pain we do not know if damage is occuring.  It motivates us toward in-activity when this may not be a healthy choice.

Pain sensitivity is caused by pain amplifiers...  When the four components listed in the image below are unhealthy they amplify your pain sensitivity.  A problem in one component leads to a problem another, and all together these "multipliers" produce a viscious cycle of persistent pain.

pain sensitivity amplifiers

When Dr. Knudsen examines a new patient with these concepts in mind, he is keenly focused on identifying the problematic components.  This is the key to creating a treatment program that will "unwind" the cycle of chronic pain so self-healing may begin.  In this way we get to the "rotten" core of the problem and reverse the trend of self-destruction.

With more then 14 years of clinical physical therapy experience Dr. Knudsen has mastered the techniques that target myofascial, skeletal, circulation, and brain / nerve components that amplify your pain sensitivity.  In fact, he is living proof that it works.

His 25 years of persistent back pain was CURED with the same system of therapy!
(And, his pain sensitivity has been neutralized since 2009.)

The question is... will it work for you?  The best way to determine this is by setting an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Knudsen.

What are patients saying in September 2012 about this Provo physical therapy clinic?

Nancy (years of mid back pain) -- "I walked in with a lot of pain and started feeling better after the first day of therapy....Today is the first day I have been pain-free in years....I really liked how gentle the adjustments were.  The therapists are so gentle and yet it works!"

Susan (who was experiencing daily headaches and neck pain was discharged last week because she is "doing great!") -- "When I was going to another Provo physical therapy clinic I often thought, 'I just don't have time for it.'  But since I started coming here I keep thinking, 'I don't have the time not to go!'

Husband commenting about his wife's improvement after Dr. Knudsen gently re-aligned her rib -- "After the first treatment my wife was able to get a good night of sleep... for the first time in 30 years!"

Patient's statement after a treatment focused on the myofascial component -- "I haven't had the 'charlie horse' pain in my back and down my leg since your first treatment on Friday before labor day weekend."

Car accident patient -- After returning to Springville from a trip to St. George his back pain was quite aggravated. Dr. Knudsen identified the problem as a skeletal component and used a technique to re-align the vertebra and get it moving properly again. He told Dr. Knudsen: "That did the trick!  I don't feel it anymore..."

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