Knee Pain

Are you getting the right treatment for knee pain? It is critical that you seek out the best treatment after knee injury or with osteoarthritis. You may be able to avoid surgery. And if you have had surgery, then you definitely need rehabilitation. There is always going to be micro-scarring of the soft tissue adjacent to the injury / painful joint. Much of the time the pain sensitivity is being amplified by the myofacial component and in turn the circulation component. Knee pain is effectively treated with the AlterG anti-gravity treadmill, game ready vasopneumatic compression and integrative manual therapy techniques, like gua sha, manual lymphatic drainage nd kinesiotape for lymphatic drainage.

AlterG for foot pain
AlterG anti-gravity treadmill

If you have swelling in your knee, we will use kinesiotape to lift the skin and get the lymph fluids flowing (see wrinkles in the second image). And, we use "game ready" vasopneumatic compression, a wrap that has ice water flowing through along with air compression to reduce swelling. The patient's knee swelling in the photos below was reduced by over 3 cm in girth in 3 visits after surgery for tibial fracture. She also regained her quadriceps strength.

knee pain and swelling kinesiotape
Kineositape for edema and swelling after knee surgery.

knee lymph drainage

ice wrap for knee pain
Game Ready Vasopneumatic Compression after knee surgery.

When she arrived at our clinic she was so weak she couldn't straighten her knee (strength grade was 1/5). After reduction of swelling and russian electric stimulation for the quadriceps muscles (especially the Vastus Medialis Obliquus or VMO) her strength was almost back to normal (strength grade: 4/5) in three visits! She soon after followed up with her orthopedic surgeon and he was pleased with the results. He had recommended that she not work for three weeks, so he was quite surprised that not only was she back working but also that she continued progressing well in function while achieving a significant reduction in knee pain.

vastus medialis obliquus

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