Muscle Energy Technique

What is Muscle Energy Technique?

Muscle energy Technique or M.E.T. is an advanced form of manual therapy technique that is both gentle yet effective for pain relieve. Muscle Energy Technique is specifically used to re-align the skeleton (neck, back, shoulders, and pelvic girdle/sacro-iliac joints). Dr. Knudsen has been using M.E.T. to help his patients for more than 12 years. He was trained by a recognized expert in osteopathic manual therapy, Loren "Bear" Rex, D.O. in 2002.

He also spent 4 days in Seattle in 2014 training with Tom Ockler, PT, who is the instrucotr in the videos included on the page.

The videos below show how M.E.T. is performed. In these example, the technique used helps re-align joints, improve movement, and decrease pain in the lower back /pelvic girdle region, the shoulders and first rib problems. We use muscle energy technique for all body parts.

Video on Muscle Energy Technique for the Pelvis, Sacrum & Lumbar

Video demonstration of M.E.T. of the "collar bones" for shoulder problems

Video demonstration of M.E.T. for the first rib problems

Dr. Knudsen has expertise in treating neck, shoulders, back, rib cage, pelvic girdle, sacro-iliac (or SI joint) with Muscle Energy Technique. Depending on your condition, your personal program may include this method of treatment.


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