Muscle IQ Training
For Manual Therapy Practitioners

Muscle IQ is a system of diagnosis and interventions based on known biological science.  What makes it different is the way it is clinically applied... in ways unknown to most all manual therapy practitioners.  

Muscle IQ testing allows you to examine and challenge your patients' primary defense mechanism, the nervous system, and identify any and all weaknesses which make them vulnerable to poor performance, injury, and pain.  This analysis quickly uncovers the best solution for each patient at that time.  The Muscle IQ system of rehabilitation is one of the most effective and valuable manual techniques for the identification and correction of somatic asymmetry and hypomobility.

But it is far more than that... it's a better way to educate your patient about her muscle impairments. And at the same time Muscle IQ gives her a score and a goal number. This means she discovers where she is now (when no one else has provided information like this) and where she needs to be for optimal health and human performance.

You will also use her score to motivate your patient... the higher she scores on Muscle IQ testing the lower her risk of injury and recurrence of pain.

These techniques can be used immediately to find and correct the causes of all types of pain.

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