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Neck Pain, Whiplash and Headaches

At muscle IQ we specialize in helping you get rid of your pain and returning you to your active life. For people with neck pain the road to recovery starts with a thorough evaluation. We want to listen to you. We will ask you how and when your neck pain started. For some patients their pain started with an auto accident (click for more info). For others it started because of a bad pillow. Sometimes the neck pain started after spending a long time with there head bent forward reading a book., or sitting for hours at a computer. During the neck evaluation we will look at neck motion, posture, and neck muscle strength. We will identify your problem areas and begin treatment on the very first appointment day. It is common for our patients to see some improvement immediately (i.e. more motion, more strength, or less pain). Our manual therapy treatments follow the Fascial Distortion Model (click here for more info), which is one way we get the best results.

Successful management of pain from Whiplash

Studies show that recovery rates for whiplash using conventional care is not very high. Did you know that more than 50% of those sustaining a whiplash injury report ongoing pain and disability more than 12 weeks after their injury? And, of this group, 39% report moderate disability up to 12 months after the injury. There must be a better way? At Muscle IQ what sets us apart is our focus on active reconditioning rather than passive forms of treatment. We have the best medical exercise equipment for neck, shoulder, and back muscle reconditioning. Better than all other accident recovery centers in Utah. We also emphasize, in a practical way, the importance of staying active to restore function and prevent disability. We help our patients understand the importance of resuming normal (pre-injury) activities as soon as possible.



Strong muscles protect. With neck pain there is almost always muscle weakness. At Muscle IQ we can test specific neck muscle strength using our computerized David medical exercise equipment. (click for more info). The computerized measurment system captures mobility and strength in all movement planes. These values are compared to reference values matched to a patient's age, gender, height, and weight. This allows us to track progress in strength and range of motion of the spine. An individualized exercise program is generated based on these measurements. We believe a full recovery requires a return to normal neck muscle strength. With the test results from the David machines we can tell our patients how far they are from normal strength. We retest strength and range of motion at set intervals. We can objectively prove the gains our patients are making in strength with our testing reports. Your doctor or your insurance company will also like seeing your progress.



What do our patients say about Muscle IQ?

"I got injured through work an was sent by my doctor to Muscle IQ. It's been a great experience with Doctor Chris. He has helped me get my body back to 100%!" -Brandon N.