DO YOU HAVE WHIPLASH, Low back pain, headaches or any other pains after being in an accident? At Muscle IQ we specialize in Auto Accident Rehab. Our caring staff will help you return to your active life. The trauma of an accident may result in multiple areas of injury. We can help! Click below to learn more!

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Low Back Pain - Sciatica

Have you been told you have a SLIPPED DISK, HERNIATED DISK,, or LUMBAR STRAIN? Low back pain is the #1 injury that leads to disability in the United States. How weak are your back muscles? We are able to objectively measure your back muscles in more detail than any other physical therapy clinic in Utah Valley. Click below to learn more!

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Neck pain - Whiplash

HAVING TROUBLE TURNING YOUR NECK? Neck stiffness, difficulty sleeping, and headaches are all common problems found in neck injuries. Our hands-on approach to neck pain is unique. Our skilled therapists have been trained in the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM). Neck pain can be very limiting. FDM is a highly effective evaluation and treatment method for resolving neck problems and restoring normal neck function. Click below to learn more!

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Shoulder pain - rotator cuff

Common shoulder problems we see include ROTATOR CUFF TEAR, SHOULDER IMPENGEMENT, DISLOCATION, as well as SHOULDER STRAINS AND SPRAINS. Are you having trouble reaching, lifting, or throwing? Do you have trouble taking off a shirt? Is it difficult for you put away dishes on high shelves? At Muscle IQ we will help you move better on the first visit.

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knee pain - Total Knee replacement

People frequently come to see us at Muscle IQ because of knee pain. Sometimes it is because of a sports injury, but usually it is just knee pain that has developed over time. The knee starts hurting during walking, running, skiing, or climbing stairs. We also see people after a Total Knee Replacement, ACL surgery, or a Meniscus tear. The best is to avoid knee surgery if you can. We help patients get back to pain-free living by following a whole-body approach to knee rehab.

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