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instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

Have you heard of Graston? What about Gua Sha? Some call it ASTM. What all these treatments have in common is that they are tool-assisted soft tissue mobilization. At Muscle IQ we use a special unique tool to help us perform treatments on tight or painful tissues that are preventing normal motion and strength. The history behind these techniques goes all the way back to China hundreds of years ago. Here in the U.S. this tool-assisted treatment became more common in the 1980's, and early 1990's. When applied appropriately, this treatment technique can be an effective way to release what feels like adhesions in the fascia, improve circulation to the area, and decrease pain.

Patients who benefit from this treatment include those with back pain, neck pain, total knee replacements, plantar Fascitis, and even rotator cuff strains. The treatment can give pain relief and increase motion. This treatment is usually applied with an oil or cream to help with friction. Some patients are amazed by how it feels afterwards. It is normal to have localized skin redness at the treatment site after this treatment. This redness is a desired effect. We want to see increased blood flow to the area. The redness usually goes away that same day.



What do our patients say about Muscle IQ?

Muscle IQ Physical Therapy is amazing!!! Their staff is very personable and great to be around. I came into their office in severe pain and unable to walk due to muscle weakness after having my twins. Dr. Knudsen worked specifically with my problems and listened to my concerns. I loved that they were able to measure my progress with their special equipment and help me get back to full functionality in 3 months. I was very skeptical of physical therapy due to bad past experiences, but they blew me out of the water with their hands on care!! -Trisha