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Back Pain Case Study #1

A patient presented with a four months history of of severe back pain after falling in a bath tub. He reports that he hit his head hard enough to knock him unconscious.

He had seen a chiropractor who had identified a supine leg length difference of 3 inches. He had sought medical treatment with no success and was referred to us after a radiofrequency nerve ablation.

The evaluation showed difficulty sitting, standing, and an antalgic gait pattern (he was using a cane for support).

Marching test showed poor body position sense as he turned 30 degrees to the right and moved three feet to the side during a 30 second period.

Supine leg check showed 2.5 inch difference in length.

Lumbopelvic examination showed an upslip of the right innominate bone.

Atlas vertebra was shifted to the left significantly.

Multiple tender points and hyper-contracted muscles were identified in the back muscles, buttocks and hamstrings, especially on the right.

Posture photos were taken before and after treatment, see day one picture on the right.

Treatment started with Atlas Relocation which improved his spine alignment.

Next an osteopathic technique was used to re-align the right innominate. The patient was in prone position holding to the top of the treatment table while I held his right leg (the innominate bone upslip was on the right). He breathed deeply three times then coughed forcely per instructions. The right innominate bone moved back into position during the cough. (I wish I had a video camera recording the event because 2.5 inches creates a lot of movement).

His pain increased significantlyafter the re-alignment.

Pain Liberation Movements were used to turn off the protective muscle reflexes. He reported pain relief.

After standing posture check (see Day One AFTER photo) and supine leg check (improved to 1/8 inch difference in leg lengths) the patient and his wife were convinced of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Day 2

The patient returned the following day stating that symptoms had improved but he was still suffering and had difficulty sleeping.

Supine leg check identified the right leg was 0.5 inches shorter and that the atlas was mis-aligned.

The "Day Two" photos again showed marked improvement in posture: before treatment, after Atlas Relocation, and after innominate up slip fix and Pain Liberation Movements. All treatments were tolerated well.

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